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About Olga

Let me quickly introduce myself.

I'm Olga Brouwer, formerly known as Olga Reuvekamp, International Coaching Federation (ICF)-certified leadership coach. My life journey began in the small town of Donkerbroek, The Netherlands.

Starting my career as an Elementary teacher and co-owner of a dairy farm, I’ve moved to South Dakota, U.S.A. and had the privilege of rolling up my sleeves on and off the farm. My passion for leadership development led me to work as Executive Director of Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership program, allowing over 100 active leaders to advance their skills. Along the way, I have completed the Professional Certified Life and Leadership Coach (PCLC) program through Coach for Life Institute, an M.B.A. degree from SMSU, and the South Dakota Agricultural and Rural Leadership Program.

More recently I have relocated to the Azores, Portugal. The leadership itch continues, as I gratefully accepted to volunteer with the Portugal Chapter of the ICF (still improving my Portuguese).

Besides coaching and consulting I enjoy hiking with my Dalmatian dog, being an active member of Rotary International, cooking, and hosting friends and family on the beautiful island of Santa Maria.

Learner, Achiever, Intellection, Input, Strategic, Futuristic, WOO*

*Gallup's StrenghtsFinder 


My Mission

I am dedicated to helping individuals and organizations to finding the power to shift and become the best they can be, and by doing so: soar, and change the world.

My Passion: My clients. My clients have a strong motivation to grow, the time to make this a priority, and make their vision a priority in their life.


For more details regarding my professional, educational and volunteering background, please go to:


What to expect during a coaching session

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that will inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential. As your ICF coach, Olga will be your partner on the journey toward identifying, clarifying and achieving your goals.

Your role as a client?

The most successful coaching partnerships begin with a client who has a clear idea of what they want to accomplish and is open to collaboration and new perspectives.
As a coaching client, your role is to:
• Create the coaching agenda based on personally meaningful goals
• Assume full responsibility for your own decisions and actions
• Use the coaching process to promote possibility thinking and fresh perspectives
• Engage big-picture thinking and problem-solving skills
• Take the tools, concepts, models and principles provided by your coach and engage in effective forward actions

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